Water Damage Restoration

Cleaning up after a flood involves more than just drying out your possessions. Flood waters can pose significant health hazards and damage the structure of your home. Choosing a reliable flood restoration company is easy when you take advantage of the customer reviews and ratings database at MyCleaningReviews.com.

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Safety Concerns

Unlike a burst pipe or leaky roof, flood waters can carry contaminants such as sewage. If there is standing water in your home, the walls and floors may be weakened. If the power to your home has not been shut off, electrical appliances may short out. A good flood restoration company will assess these concerns immediately and take appropriate steps to protect their cleanup crew and your property. Customer reviews are a great way to assess your flood restoration company’s commitment to safety.

Flood Cleanup

After they assess the safety concerns present on your property, the flood restoration team will go to work removing the standing water. This must be done carefully, especially if your property is under several feet of water. Pumping the water out too quickly could cause significant structural damage to the walls. However, the crew will want to dry the area as quickly as possible to reduce the potential for mold damage.

Water Damage Cleanup

The biggest task in a water damage cleanup project is drying out the area as quickly as possible, and determining which items can be restored and which must be replaced. Linens, clothing, drapes and other textiles may simply need to be washed, but books and other papers may be irreparably damaged. Your water damage cleanup company will be able to advise you on which possessions can be salvaged and which cannot.

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